4. Make Him Pay Attention to Your Lips

Make him see your lips in a whole new light. Eat watermelon, and let it drip onto your lips. Apply a non-glittery lip balm, and let him see you do it. Pout a little. Use a lip plumper. Run an ice cube over your lips if itโ€™s hot out. You get the idea!

Use a Ruse


Here's some advise make it obvious that you wanna be with him nothing will happen otherwise
This happens to me alot. My boyfriend hasn't had a girlfriend before so I'm his first one. We would always text each other about kissing, then on our second date, he was to shy. So again, I made the m...
ok so i really like this guy but my friend likes him 2 and they talk alot their friends and im 2 uh nervous 2 talk 2 him but she has no problem with talking 2 him and she likes our friend's crush.......
Caius smith
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This sounds like the situation that "No Name" is in. But I play the other girl, i am now his girlfriend, it was not easy because he is really shy and doesnt talk when his is around lots of people. He ...
No name
Okay I have a crush on this guy he's like emo looking and everytime I walk past by him or I'm walking in the hallways or reading a book in class he'll just keep staring at me.... And I really think th...
I have a way to get a guy to kiss you, but it's a huge setup. Once, this guy that I knew that liked me told me to stand up against the wall with him doing anything that would make me flinch. He approa...
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