4. Make Him Pay Attention to Your Lips

Make him see your lips in a whole new light.

Eat watermelon, and let it drip onto your lips.

Apply a non-glittery lip balm, and let him see you do it.3

Pout a little.

Use a lip plumper.

Run an ice cube over your lips if it’s hot out.

You get the idea!

Use a Ruse


So sorry to hear that! But sweetie, the fact is you can't make someone feel a certain way. If you push yourself onto him, you're only going to push him away. I'd say distract yourself and move on.
Hi there, Do you two even talk to each other? That might be a good first step. If he doesn't know about you, how can he like you? So say hi, make small talk, talk to him online and maybe he'll see beyond these other girls. Good luck!
Sweetie, He sounds really shallow to me. I think you deserve better. Besides, you can't force someone to feel a certain way about you. My advice would be to hold your head up high and move on. There are better guys out there. Thanks for reading! x
Hey sweetie, If he's written the same message to everyone, chances are he's just being nice. Sorry! But you know, you can always get to know him, talk to him more and see where things go.
You should totally go up to him and just kiss him that's one way for him to notice you, or invite him to a party with like 8 friends, play partner hide and seek. Hide with him in a dark, cramped closet. Whisper to him softly and romantically then wait for a kiss. Make sure you have a small amount of lipstick on, a perfume he likes, sweet talk him. Good Luck:)
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