8 Ways to Tell if You Are Happy in a Relationship ...


Do you really think that you are happy in your relationship? Do you know any of the top ways on how to tell if you are happy in a relationship? Believe it or not, a lot of people are in relationships for the comfort of the relationship, not necessarily because they are happy in their relationship. This relationship issue goes on every single day. So, what are some of the ways to tell if you are happy in a relationship? You are in luck, I have those ways below.

1. You Feel Good about Your Relationship

One of the best ways on how to tell if you are happy in a relationship is that you feel good about your relationship! Do you constantly feel like it is the right choice that you made by being with your boyfriend? Do you know that you want to be with him forever? Do you get butterflies every time you think about your relationship? That's a good sign girls!

You Look Forward to Spending Time Together


Heather Jensen
Hi Learn! I think that honestly, it might be time for you to whether seek some help or sit down and have a talk with him. That might be the best bet.
Learnfrom'yesterday LiveFortoday
i guess im half happy and the other half isnt... he used to be so bad to me... treat me horribly..i gave my all... how can someone treat another person like garbage ? specially the one you love...he c...
Heather Jensen
Hi Mimi! I think that you just need to talk to him about what you are going through, that way he doesn't take your distance as something wrong with the relationship. :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Laura! I'm so sorry! Do you think that you are miserable with him? Sometimes, these points don't apply to every single relationship. How do you feel about him?
Laura Perez
This made me sad. Every point telling us about happiness is actually opposite for me. Guess its time to be single again, better than stringing him along I guess.
I think I'm still in love with my boyfriend, however lately i have been really distant due to the amount of work and stress i have ( i don't even have time for myself and friends). Two days ago i talk...
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