15 Adorably Romantic Winter Date Ideas ...


Winter date ideas are something to be thinking about now that fall is in full gear, so do you have a list of ideas yet? No? Then keep reading! Here’s my list of 15 adorably romantic winter date ideas… so grab your favorite boy, and maybe a pair of mittens, and enjoy!

1. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

This is one of my favorite winter date ideas! I love the idea of warm cocoa, holding hands, and floundering around the ice. Even if you’re not the best ice skater, don’t worry — it’s still a lot of fun, and what could be better than having your guy catch you?

Coffee Date


('has', not had... & also has fat fingers on a skinny phone!)
Ummm... Taking a guy to a women's shelter might want a re-think (sez this guy who had held enough to say maybe, and maybe not...).
Ice skating <3
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