What Are the ๐Ÿ‘ Differences โš–๏ธ between Lust ๐Ÿ˜ and Love โค๏ธ ?

What's are the differences between lust and love? I think we have all discovered over the course of our romantic lives that these two feelings and emotions can be mistaken for one another! We all long to hear those three magic words from the person that we have fallen for, but it can be dangerous when they are uttered too early, or uttered when they arenโ€™t mean at all. To avoid heartbreak and romantic tension, letโ€™s take a look at some of the key differences between lust and love to help you to avoid making missteps with a new partner!

1. Fights Donโ€™t Equal Breakups

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People who have truly found love will instantly recognise that having a heated discussion or full blown fight with your partner does not necessarily mean that you have to break up. Lust drives a passion in us that can be easily extinguished if things turn sour, but if you are in love, you will be much more willing to stick through a rough patch and come out on the other side, much stronger than before. That's one of the main differences between lust and love.

2. Loving His Flaws

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A lot of lustful feelings arise from the fact that you are completely blown over by the perfection and sexuality of the person, but if you are in love, your admiration for them comes through even stronger in the fact that you can learn to love and accept all of his little annoying flaws. If it's just lust, you might not be able to get past them.

3. Meeting His Family

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If lust is the thing thatโ€™s driving you, you wonโ€™t want to leave the bedroom, let alone make the effort to meet his family! Meeting the parents and his closest friends is a real sign of the fact that you want to commit, which is most definitely a sign of love, rather than flat out lust.

4. Being Vulnerable

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If you are prepared to let your new partner see you when you are at your worst, whether that be physically or emotionally, then it means that you have a much deeper, more meaningful connection than one that is purely based on superficial physical attraction. True love means supporting and understanding each other when no one else would.

5. First Person You Tell

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You can be sure that itโ€™s real love rather than fast lust if your new partner is the person that you always go to first with big life news. It shows a sign of total trust, understanding, and an assurance that he will be nothing but delighted for you. It also hints at the fact that you can see a long-term future with him.

Iโ€™ll leave you with one final thought. The true test of whether it is love or lust is time. Lust is short term. It either turns into love, it dies or is transferred to someone else.

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