10 Quotes πŸ—― about the Psychology of Love πŸ’˜ That Are Eye Opening πŸ‘πŸ‘ ...

Love is the most beautiful feeling on Earth. Everybody falls in love and most of the time, they don’t ever realize what’s happening or they can’t explain that feeling. We are attracted to a certain person due to a lot of reasons, but most of them remain unconscious. Some of the most famous psychologists in the world have tried to find explanations for this phenomenon and they have worked on a number of theories that should explain love and why we are attracted to a certain type of person. Here are 7 eye opening quotes about the psychology of love that will blow your mind:

1. Laughter is Important

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Did you ever wonder if someone you are attracted to likes you or not? In psychology, there is the β€œinterest indicator” theory that states that humor indicates relationship interest, whether we are talking about a romantic, professional or personal relationship. So, apparently, studies do show that if a person likes you, they will be more likely laugh at your jokes.

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