7 FoolProof Tips on How to Get a Second Date ...

You should definitely pay attention to these tips on how to get a second date, especially if you’ve been on a lot of first dates and every time you thought that he/she might be the one, but afterwards, the phone just didn’t ring. It’s time to learn how to take your dating game to the next level and how to create an emotional connection between you and your date, so that they’ll be more than eager to see you again. Here are a few foolproof tips on how to get a second date:

1. Be Captivating

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In my opinion, this is definitely one of the most important things to remember when you go out with someone if you want to learn how to get a second date. Just try to be captivating, ask interesting questions, be original and try to stand out from the crowd. Just let your true beauty shine and be yourself!

2. Exude Interest

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When you’re going on a date with someone, your main goal should be to get to know that person better, so why not show them that? Experts say that you can show your interest using three little tricks: just ask them to tell you more about themselves, while making friendly eye contact and while touching them gently on their arm, hand or shoulder.

3. Have an Opinion

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Never try to be someone that you’re not just to impress a guy or a girl! Always be yourself and have your own opinions. Be friendly but interesting at the same time. Support your beliefs and bring arguments when they are questioned by someone else. Be confident, state your honest opinion in regard to anything your partner might ask you and trust your own judgment.

4. Convey Graciousness

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Try to always convey graciousness with every little thing that you do, no matter how tired or stressed you really are. Be nice to everyone around you, be friendly and don’t let all your worries prevent you from having a good time. Just enjoy your date’s company and try to get to know them better to see if they really are what you are looking for.

5. Let Your Date Know You’re Having Fun

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If you have fun on your first date, then why not let your date know that? Just show them you enjoy their company, smile, laugh, tell jokes or do any other thing that makes you feel good. We all want to be with people we can make happy, so let them know that you’re having a good time on that date.

6. Keep It Light

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On your first date, your main goal should be to try to get to know that other person better, so make sure you keep it light! Talk about your passions, your interests, things that you did or that you want to do in the future, but avoid talk of medical conditions, politics or any other topic that it’s not really suitable for a first date. Just try to get to know your date better first and focus on having a good time in their company!

7. Make the Ending Easy

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There are a lot of people who are shy and who don’t know how they should behave at the end of a first date. Try to make the ending easy; be friendly, smile, look them in the eyes and just tell them you had a great time with them. I’m sure they’ll notice what a great catch you are and they will undoubtedly ask you on a second date as soon as possible.

There are a lot of things you can do to get someone to ask you on a second date. I just mentioned a few but I’m sure there are many more I could add to this list. Can you tell me if you know any other extremely efficient ways to score a second date? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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