4. You’re Willing to Work!

As aforementioned, relationships are jobs. Loving the same man a million different ways for years, is no small feat. Consistently understanding him, supporting him, being attentive to him, and yes, respecting him, EVEN when it’s super hard, is challenging work! If you want to be spoiled, you’ll have to do some spoiling. You will be inconvenienced. You will have to do things for him when you don’t feel like it. Sacrifices will need to be made. If your vision of a relationship includes you being the princess, you’re in for a rude awakening.

You may also have to do things for his family. His mom may need help with her resume. His kid brother may need a ride home from basketball practice or to the movies.

His favorite niece may need her makeup done for prom, and you’re the bomb.com at doing faces. Are you ready to work? To be the most valuable member of his team?

See, the day-to-day work will often be your field. You two aren’t going out to dinner nightly. More than likely, you’re going to have to cook at least 60% of the time. Even if he’s a modern man, the division of labor in the household will NEVER be a legitimate 50/50 split. And you’ll usually be the manager of the household, the calendar, and the kids schedule, when the time comes. And in exchange, he’ll complete your Honey Do List extremely slowly, write touching FB tributes on your birthday, and get the best gift he can afford on special holidays. I’m half kidding. But seriously, his work WON’T look the same as your work. You can’t be The One, if you’re selfish.

You’re Handling Your Business
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