7 Fun Fall Activities to do with Your Boyfriend ...


There’s no reason to be bored when there are fun fall activities to do with your boyfriend. When the weather’s nice, you can venture outside. If you’d prefer to remain cozy, the indoors aren’t a problem. Whether you prefer the indoors or outdoors, there are fall activities to do with your boyfriend.

1. Take Your Pick

If you want a day out of the house, why not search for an orchard? Put on your matching sweaters and prepare for a sweet day out together. One of the most fun fall activities to do with your boyfriend is going apple picking. It has all the fun of a walk combined with the deliciousness of snacks. So what are you waiting for?

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Isabella Coles
@Courtney if you have the guts, make a move and tell him what you're thinking... You know what, i did that before i asked my boyfriend out! If i hadn't, i dunno if i'd have a boyfriend right now!
Gabrielle Tatum
I'll go for #2 & #5, nothing like cuddling with my man to put me on a good mood and make me feel loved. 😍
@courtney I agree just say it. A year ago I told my best friend I liked him and how I felt he didn't feel The same. I stoped talking to him for a whole BC it 💔 but now we are back like normal ...
@Courtney Even "if" he doesnt feel the same, you are better off knowing the answer..
@Amykins thanks so much that's great advice but I'm so afraid he's not gonna feel the same way and I just don't know what to do...
@Courtney I'm not an expert but I say to tell that person how you feel. It's better than staying with the "what if" feeling
Is it bad that any article I read in the love section I think of one guy, who I'm not in a relationship with but would like to be. I need a boyfriend already.....
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