5. France

A French man must be every modern woman’s dream. Where in most countries, women sit and wait for text messages and phone calls from their date, the French are actually keen to stay in touch with you.

You can expect a French man to contact you the day after a date and some say that they consider a first date as the start of a relationship. He will tell you that you’re the most beautiful woman on earth, he will send you flowers, sweet text messages and he is certainly not afraid to say he loves you. However, a French man is also traditional and doesn’t enjoy doing chores in the house. And yes, they are also known to sometimes have more than one lover and I’ve even read that French women accept their husband’s behavior widely.



I live in Korea and I hope people actually don't believe this..honestly
Yah these seem pretty out of date
The article is out dated!! The part mentioned about IRAN is NOT TRUE at all!! Maybe for some families, but Now a days most of the marriages are Love Marriages and ALOT of PEOPLE DATE IN IRAN!!!
Aquarius 91
In Bangladesh it's also frowned upon to date. I don't know if the Iran customs are still active but in Bangladesh majority of the people don't like the concept of dating. When a girl reaches 20 (for g...
Oh gosh how stereotyped this article is, I'm French and I can tell you that we clearly don't have charming princes here, of course there are exceptions but most of them - except if they REALLY like yo...
True about japan
Alice Roze
@unicornface I agree not everyone is like that at all in those countries
@Geli As native Persian but resided in Denmark I agree wholeheartedly with you Geli ! Mashallah mersi 😊
Aki Yoshida
Josefin, thank you for your comment. If you hadn't I would have commented exactly what you said. I am Japanese and I am usually not offended by stereotypes but very disappointed that AllWomenStalk has this article up... 😢
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