7 Gorgeous Flowers That You Didn't Know Were Aphrodisiacs ...

Almost all us ladies associate flower with love, romance or affection, but some flowers offer more romantic qualities than others, such as these flowers that are aphrodisiacs. The word aphrodisiac is named after the Greek goddess of sexuality, love and beauty, known as Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs were used during the mythical ages of ancient Greece due to the belief they could simulate arousal, or induce feelings of sexual desires. To this day, it seems people are drawn to aphrodisiac scents, flowers, foods and herbs, without even recognizing they are aphrodisiacs to start with. These foods, herbs, flowers and scents all generate feelings of euphoria, excitement and arousal, which give them their aphrodisiac qualities. These flowers that are aphrodisiacs are some of the most exotic and some of my favorites in the world. If you love flowers, learn to appreciate these romantic, aphrodisiac flowers that just might add a little something special to your own love life!

1. Lavender

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I was a little surprised when I learned the lovely lavender flower was one of the most popular aphrodisiac flowers. I always assumed it was most associated with sleep more than anything, but was I wrong! Lavender was the most popular scent with all males that seemed to stimulate sexual desires, of all other scents tested. Most researchers feel it has to do with the sedative and relaxing properties that lavender brings. Either way, lavender is a gorgeous flower to appreciate and looks very romantic and desirable in nature.

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