How Relationship Lovers Can Enjoy the Single Life ...

I have a lot of friends who often complain about being single. Whenever they talk about being single and how much they miss being in a relationship, I wonder how. There are so many positives to being single! If you’re a relationship addict who’s newly single, try reading this list. I’m sure it will help you get excited about your new relationship status, whether you want to be or not!

1. Pull a Taylor Swift

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When Taylor Swift began her little guy hiatus, she formed this huge group of best friends that she became known for. If you’re part of Taylor Swift’s posse, you’ve basically fulfilled every goal I’ve had in life. However, if you’re like me and not in Taylor Swift’s group, you can still create your own group of friends like she did. If you’re newly single, try to form a group of girlfriends like Taylor Swift did.

2. Learn How to Enjoy a Night Alone

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There’s something so great about a night alone, whether you’re just watching a movie, going to the bookstore alone, or even just getting dinner by yourself. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, or always find yourself in a relationship more than when you’re single, you probably haven’t had a night to yourself in a while. Experience the joys of a night in!

3. Save Money and Treat Yourself

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Relationships cost a lot of money. Whether you’re spending money on gifts, different dates, or just dinner, you spend a lot of money when you’re dating. Now that you’re single, you’ll probably notice that you save a lot of money, and use that money for something fun, like something you’ve always wanted or a trip you’ve always wanted to go on!

4. Figure Yourself out

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If you’re constantly in a relationship, you may start to feel overpowered by your significant others. If you’ve always felt like your life is determined by your relationships, take some time to figure out who you are when you’re not in a relationship. Figure out your likes and dislikes and everything in between!

5. Focus on Your Goals

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Your goals have probably changed now that your significant other is no longer in your life. Take some time to re-evaluate the direction of your life, as well as your career goals and other things you want to accomplish in your life! Being single means you can focus on yourself, so why not focus on your own future?

6. Enjoy the Things You Never Had Time for

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Relationships take up a lot of time. You may have found that you haven’t had much time for yourself. Enjoy those things again. If you loved reading before your last relationship, pick up a few books and start reading. If you loved shopping, go on a mini-shopping spree!

7. Don’t Worry about Your Next Relationship

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Most importantly, though, don’t focus on finding another relationship. Enjoy this time being single, and don’t worry about finding your next significant other. There’s no need to rush! Enjoy living life on your own right now, without a significant other, and if someone else comes along, great! Still though, don’t actively search out a new relationship!

What are your favorite parts about being single? Let me know in the comments what you think is the best part about being single!

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