6. Learn from It

There is bound to be a lesson in this experience. For some it will be following your gut instinct. For others it will be about ways to improve and strengthen yourself. Whatever the lesson is, study it and don’t repeat the same mistakes again.



I love this post. Forgiveness is important. Why should u live with the pain that was somebody's else's wrongdoing. Forgive and free yourself. Though this can be hard.
i love this, it helped me so much! thank you! πŸ’œ
Alexis Nicole'
I enjoyed this post, good one.
I have to work on forgiving...good post!
Revenge unfortunately and I mean unfortunately may be wrong but sometimes it sends the message out I'm hurt you hurt me now YOU must hurt - SIMPLES
If he was a good guy and didnt do anything wrong, then no revenge. If he was an asshole or a fuΒ£k boy, REVENGE!
Give up revenge..?! Ha! If only she could've read this 5 years ago!
This was a good read! Just learned an important lesson from this
peony blue
Great post thanks
this is as if I'm reading my own thoughts..thank you for writing this one.😘
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