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Is Your Best Friend Secretly Jealous of Your Engagement? ...

By Alicia

Have you been wondering if your best friend is secretly jealous of your engagement? Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it but you just have a feeling that’s the case. These’re some signs that you’re probably correct in assuming your bestie is jealous. Hopefully this can help you to figure out what’s truly going on and how to handle it.

1 She’s Lonely for Love

If your best friend is lonely then she’s more likely to feel jealous of you than if she’s in a secure, loving relationship. That being said, just because she’s lonely doesn’t mean she’ll be jealous. Many people are capable of being happy for others even though they’re lonely. This point alone doesn’t mean she’s jealous but it means it’s possible. This point in combination with other signs carries more weight.

2 She Changes the Subject when Your Engagement Comes up

This’s a more definite sign of jealousy. It’s your engagement! Of course you’re excited! You want to talk about the proposal and all of the dreamy wedding plans you’re thinking over. Your best friend is the natural choice for those conversations. If she’s always changing the subject then she may be trying to hide the fact that she’s jealous.

3 She’s Not Interested in Your Wedding Plans

Your best friend may not change the subject when you discuss your engagement and upcoming wedding; instead she acts disinterested. Either way, it’s rude. You’re getting married and you deserve a best friend who’s excited for you and wants to be by your side during this special time. Of course, you have to also consider the fact that you could be going overboard. Make sure you’re giving your best friend time to talk about what’s going on in her life too.

4 She Puts down Your Engagement Ring

This’s a direct sign she’s absolutely jealous of your engagement. It’s either that or she’s just plain unkind. While many of these are sure signs of jealousy and are hurtful, try to look behind them to your friend’s feelings. You may want to talk to her and deal with the heart of the matter. It’s possible that telling her that her actions are hurtful and reassuring her love will find her when it’s meant to be is all it’ll take to end her jealousy.

5 She Teases You in a Mean-spirited Way

Another sign your best friend is jealous of your engagement lies in how she teases you. Teasing is something friends do. That in and of itself doesn’t mean anything. It’s the way your best friend may be teasing you that means something. If it’s coming across mean-spirited rather than playful then jealousy may be the root.

6 She Puts down Your Man

Something’s definitely up if this’s occurring. While it’s possible she’s concerned about your choice of a man, there’re other ways to convey that besides putting him down. Otherwise, jealousy is the likely culprit. You’re totally within your rights to call her out on her behavior. Ask her what’s going on.

7 She’s Admitted She’s Envious

There’s no bigger sign than this. However, there’s a positive side to this situation. If your best friend is honest enough to share that she’s envious of you then this’s where you want to offer her compassion. Envy is an awful feeling! Let her know everyone feels envious of someone at some point and that you appreciate her honesty. Reassure her that your friendship will survive.

These’re some signs your best friend may be jealous of your engagement. Are you in this situation? I hope this gave you some help on how to handle it.

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