4. Think before You Speak

This is a good personal goal to set in a relationship. Some people struggle with this more than others. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t always filter what you say, a new relationship is a good time to make a decision to work on this. It’s good motivation; you want your relationship to be at its best. Thinking before you speak can help with that.

Learn about Each Other’s Interests


What if it's a long distance relationship
Real I ve a relationship which is so boaring
Nina Travis
Filtering what i say is at the top of the list for me
Great points. Enjoy day by day.
peony blue
Or just enjoy being in a relationship...
These should be never ending goals. The minute you reach the end, distractions become attractions. As long as you've both willing to continue learning about the other and discover each other constantly, you'll be forever happy.
Point # 4 "Think before you speak" is the most important & best goal that each couple have to take care of it. If this point will be applied in life then everything will be ok. There will love ...
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