3. No PDA

PDA isn’t something that you should be ashamed of ladies! If you’re with a guy, why not show him a little love out in public? While PDA might have been a bit taboo in the olden dates, nowadays, it’s okay to kiss and hug. Just make sure you aren’t making out in the middle of a restaurant, but a little smooch here and there isn’t anything to worry about!

Wait for Him to Make the First Move


Irene Kim
Number 6 I keep with.
Heather Jensen
Hi Paul! I think -- and this is just my opinion that the first couple dates, the guy should pay, but then it's time for the girl to buck up and pay if she is still seeing the guy after a few of the first dates. :)
Paul Johnson
@Heather Jensen: Why does the guy pay even early in the relationship? I mean, you just said not to do it, then you qualified your answer.
I agree with most of them other than the "moving in before marriage" one. The concept itself isn't that bad, but it conflicts with my religion. ^^
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