2. Rudeness

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Sometimes women forget to be polite and ladylike. Perhaps the guy wasn’t what you expected. He might have been shorter than you thought he was, a bit heavier, or, he looked nothing like his pictures. Regardless of the reason, being rude to someone isn’t cool.

Lateness Isn’t Tolerated


Under NY Sky
If you are talking about calling back, you have the first contact and so if he was gay that first contact probably wouldn't have happened. So... it didn't click. Just that. It is nobody's fault.
Sorin IonuΘ› SbΓ’rnea
Some applies for both. The gay thing is fun, but could be included in the first one: no chemistry.
@Serene totally agree!!! Great list :) I can summarise it in one sentence: he's not interested!!
olivia kalingga
Carly forgot: He's gay... πŸ˜’
It all boils down to: HE IS REALLY NOT THAT INTO YOU
Right on!
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