4. Smile & Laugh

I'm not saying that you need to be fake and fake laugh and smile, actually do it! Typically guys respond better than there is a big smile on a girl's face rather than a scowl. So, flash him those pearly whites as a way to flirt and you'll see a huge difference!

Be Witty


Esther Yomyom
wow heather! You sure are knowledgable about love! I'm so jealous :P
Sure! Eye contact is a great way for him to notice you. After all, we can all feel when someone is watching us right?
If you are unable to approach him for some reason. Is there anyway you can get him to notice you from a distance :/
@paige, just be yourself with him. it sounds like he already likes you.
ahhhh help me! there's this guy i've had a crush on for almost four years and i'm having issues... i used to think he barely knew who I was but then he started hanging out with me in class last year a...
Awesome. Luv this article :D
So I like this guy at my school I'm 12 , and I think he likes mee back. What should I do?
@paige, Maybe if you read the article, you would get some tips. Comprende?
He seems to do most of these things to me? I really want to let him know i like him!
i like this guy who gets my bus everyday to school and i make eyecontact them look away and smile, i think he has noticed me but i dont know what to do next. he doesntgo to the same school as me and w...
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