5. You Can’t Force People to Love You

You Can’t Force People to Love You

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you love someone. He, or even she, may not feel the same way about you. No matter how hard you work for the person’s affection, it may never happen. You need to learn when to accept that and when to try to move on.

If You Have to do Everything Yourself, then He’s Not That into You


Olivia Soto
Heather Jensen
That's so great! Thank you Brianna!! :)
Brianna Joann Lilja
This is really helpful stuff I'm currently half way through grade 11 and I've been in a relationship for a year. These tips extremely helpful!
Dude! you are in 6th grade! I am in 7 and don't even date yet! Right now you should focous on other stuff. I know this isn't what you want to hear but it's the the truth. Most guys that date are eithe...
You are right, most guys are jerks, but 2 out of 100 are nice.
this is an honest answer so please don't be offended. I am also in middle school and i beleive no one should date untill they are older. Dating now is such a game. It is always about the gossip. Most ...
Heather Jensen
Awesome! I'll definitely add that to my list. :) Thanks for the comment!!
@Heather Jensen, I would like to know stuff about what i can wear, because at my conservative temple there are limits on how we can dress, and at all the conservative bat-mitzvahs i remember the girls...
Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! What would you specifically like to know? :) Thanks for the idea!
hi Denise and other bloggers, I am not sure how many young jewish readers you have, but i am one. I was wondering if you could do a post having something to do with bat mitzvahs. Mine is coming up and...
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