7 Things That Make a Guy More Attractive ...

Aside from the typical personality characteristics, there are a few things that make a guy more attractive no matter what, in an instant! Yes, we all have our own preferences and types, but ladies, let’s admit there are a few things that makes us all weak at the knees. Some of these are definitely not deal breakers, but they are just those small things that make a guy more attractive!

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If a guy knows how to tastefully make a girl laugh, that is a major plus! After all, humor is one of the top things that make a guy more attractive. If he can throw a few witty jokes here and there or even make you laugh until you start crying, he will definitely leave a good impression and automatically become more charming and attractive in your eyes!

2. Good Style

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Women like men who know how to take care of themselves. Appearance is not everything but throwing on an old tee shirt with a pair of dirty jeans is not attractive, whatsoever! So every female can appreciate a guy who puts effort into what he wears and makes himself look presentable to others.

3. Tattoos

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This is a personal preference, but small and mysterious tattoos always catch my eye. For others it can be completely different, but I know many of you will understand what I am talking about. Tattoos in moderation definitely set a guy apart from the rest, especially if there is a deeper meaning or story behind it.

4. Accents

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I think it’s common knowledge that women are suckers for accents. British, Australian or French accents, whatever it is, it's definitely a plus in my book! It’s almost unfair to others, but there is something about those foreign accents that has an irresistible pull. It’s like whip cream with a cherry on top!

5. Passion

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There is nothing more attractive than when a guy has his heart set on an interest and he is not afraid to pursue it. This also shows how dedicated he is to things he cares about, and how ambitious he is about his dreams and goals. Any woman will pick a guy who strives for something over someone who is unsure of himself.

6. Good Reputation

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When women become interested in someone, they are not afraid to do a little background check and ask around. So it’s a major plus when everything you hear about the guy is strictly positive. It’s comforting to know how highly others think of him and how well he tends to treat others.

7. Confidence

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You've probably heard this a million times, but confidence makes a guy a thousand times more attractive. And I am not talking about cockiness, but a certain level of comfort in his skin. There is something about guys who don’t care about outside opinions and are not afraid to be themselves!

These are just a few small details that instantly make a guy more attractive in the eyes of women. Of course, having all of those things will not guarantee an instant connection, but having them definitely doesn't hurt. What are some of the things that automatically make a guy more attractive in your opinion? Share your preferences in the comments, you may not be the only one!

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