7 Things That Prove 👏🏼 He's Relationship 💏 Material ...

Everyone is different, which is why you have to examine your man's behavior before you can decide whether or not he'd make a great boyfriend. After all, some guest just aren't meant to be in relationships. Of course, other men are born to date. If you're trying to figure out which category your man falls under, here are a few things that prove he's relationship material:

1. He's Comfortable Expressing His Feelings

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Some people actually believe that men aren't supposed to cry or show any emotion at all. Of course, that's a total lie. If you want to have a healthy relationship with a guy, then it's crucial that he opens up to you. If he keeps his feelings bottled up, they're eventually going to explode. It's best for him to be honest with you from the start.

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