6. Are You a Republican?

If you want to open a can of worms (yuck), ask him about politics or religion. You don’t want your first date to turn into a debate club meet, do you? Instead, keep the conservation light and easy by discussing your lives, interests, or the book you just finished. Asking about what party he is or even who he voted for in the last election isn't a good idea ladies!

You Should Come Home with Me


Heather Jensen
Too funny! Thanks for the comment Jean and the tips!
Jean-Simon Lavoie
For n.7 : If you wanna he come home with you. Just find an excuse... (guy trick to bring a girl at home and avoiding being crude or direct .) E.g : If guy like wine "you have to come in my flat. ...
Berell Kohn
Yeah make sense. But I notice. Most date want who had a good money and good job too
Heather Jensen
That's so true! Thanks for the addition!
" I love you" is another major one as well. I witnessed my friend do that and trust it doesn't look good, it makes a girl look like a slut : /
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