5. You’re Feeling Flattered

You know what? We all love flattery. Who doesn’t love a compliment? But you have to be careful when someone is flattering you with compliments and giving you a lot of attention. It can make you feel confused about your relationship. Don’t throw away a good relationship because you feel flattered. This’s a decision you could later regret.

Remember the History You Have with Your Boyfriend


Break up before you cheat
Kylee Thompson
Totally agree with Brooke... If you're thinking about cheating you should not be in a relationship. Not to mention cheaters are one of the worst kinds of people in my book, they don't care about compl...
Brooke Rheanne
If you feel like cheating don't be in a relationship??? Live a single life, no need to ruin some else's happiness.
I cheated on my bf & now I want him back smh 😞😟😞
Total freedom? The right decision for you? Nonsense, there is never an excuse to cheat in a monogamous relationship.
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