3. Your Stretch Marks

If you're wearing next to nothing, he's not going to be focusing on your stretch marks, moles, or birth marks. He'll be too busy thinking about how lucky he is to have a beautiful woman in front of him. The little things won't matter, because all that matters is you.

Your Clothes


Dineasha Pooran
Stretch marks!! 😩
Hmm i think they notice everything about that, especially if he is a fashion lover....lol
Shaving your legs. When i don't do it i feel inscure but guys never notice this. I still shave to feel good on my own skin though.
Wow this is so not true guys notice these things
My husband doesn't notice any of this stuff. He has no clue that I don't shave my legs unless I need to wear a dress or go to the pool. He doesn't notice if I get a haircut either. Some guys notice those things and some don't. They're all different.
Well I was married to a blue collar guy for 20 years now I am dating a computer programmer for six months a white collar job kind of guy and he notices ALL those things about me and I lov it ! So it ...
Isabella Coles
I have to say, sometimes if i forget, my boyfriend offers to do my eyebrows from time to time - i think he does much better than me πŸ˜… lol!
This article is so wrong , hobos don't care but most well educated men will . It's not because it's free to post u are u say it wrong
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