7 Things You Don't ⛔️ Need to Have in Common 🔁 Just to Date Each Other 💑 ...

Your boyfriend isn't supposed to be the spitting image of you. How creepy would that be? That's why you shouldn't be concerned if you two don't seem to have a lot in common. As long as you can still find topics to talk about and fun dates to go on, then there's nothing to worry about. Here are a few things that you don't need to have in common with a guy in order to have a successful relationship with him:

1. Your Taste in TV Shows

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Every couple wants to lounge around on the couch watching Netflix. However, if you can never settle on a show that you'll both enjoy, it'll push you to go out and have some fun. You'll never waste your days inside the house, because you'd rather go mini-golfing or bike riding.

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