2. Think about How Much Time You Have

Time is of the essence. This is a very important quote to live by.

Understand that if you’re transitioning in your life it may not be the best time to get into a relationship because you won’t have time for yourself, nor will you have enough time to give to someone else. I’m a recent college graduate and have just recently started a new job – I have understood and realized that I need to dedicate time to get to know and better myself – by taking more time for me and my new job. There’s no way I can take time for a boyfriend right now.

Are You Trying to Be Super Woman?


rose rose
exactly what i needed to read...
Ya Tan
Most people are in love with the idea of being in a realtionship and relationships rather than being in love with the guy himself, I think I am
Whoa there! I'm definitely not ready yet smh 😩
Lady Lace
I absolutely agree with all if these tips, especially #6 & #7. Please ask yourself "Can I be with him long-term"? Please do not be in denial about how his little habits will affect you in the long run.
Sarah Xx
I was definitely reflecting on the past when this guy I loved ditched me for a hotter girl, I know it sounds stupid but I was broken!! But I've now learnt that u shouldn't spend time with people that ...
Woooooow m soooo gonna take the tips
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