7 Tips on How Not to Get Catfished in an Online Relationship ...


If you're in an online relationship with someone you've never met, you've got to learn how not to get catfished. I've recently gotten obsessed with Catfish: The TV Show, after long being obsessed with the documentary (is anyone else hardcore crushing on Nev, by the way?). I actually met my lovely princess of a Better Half over the internet, but we at least knew real people in common. Lots of online relationships flourish, especially as meeting people over the internet becomes more and more commonplace. For every relationship that works out, with both parties being honest, dozens more hopefuls end up talking to someone who's lying about their job, their looks, or their gender – or people who don't really exist. To avoid this, there are several things you can do. The first step is to keep reading, so you can learn all you need to know about how not to get catfished.

1. Keep up with Inconsistencies

If you want to learn how not to get catfished, you have to keep up with inconsistencies. What is your online lover telling you? If he or she claims to be a model currently working in Paris but a Facebook posts says they're in Richmond, VA, that's pretty fishy. Pay attention to area codes and Caller ID tags as well. If you're told one thing and then your partner contradicts him or herself, don't wait. Ask about it.

Have Frequent Phone Calls


Heather Jensen
Mm, that's a great tip! :) Thanks for the comment Michelle!
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so great! My girlfriend and I did the same thing. :)
Michelle Board
I like these tips. However, I have learned over my years of dating (on or off- line) that looking up someone, your "person of interest", it's good to check criminal background too. My mother started d...
Fantabulous Gabby
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
My boyfriend and I met on YouTube 2.5 years ago. We fell for each other quickly and luckily we were both very honest with each other from the very beginning. We both consider ourselves very lucky. :)
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