4. Increases Blood Flow

Increases Blood Flow

The one of the greatest things about sex you didn't know is that it increases blood flow. What that does is actually keeps your healthy, allows you to have a ton of energy and makes you feel good. If you have sex on a regular basis, you'll definitely be in a better mood and better health overall!

Burns Calories


I don't think you're experiencing sex........and definitely not orgasms
besides getting pregnant...
Absolutely it can, but that's mostly for the girls.
Very true! Definitely let me know if it works!
No there isn't! :)
Masturbation can bring on orgasms too. why don't you try that? Plus it will help you once you do have sex because then you'll be better able to tell the guy you're with where and how you like to be touched
Sex causes headaches for me. If I have a headache, sex causes it to become a migraine. For me, cramps get worse if I have sex. Of course, sex has never been pleasurable for me either. Orgasms don't br...
you can have me
xx kerry xx
ok i feel happy 4 u what is ur 5 kids names and the other 2 are they a boy or a girl and are whats their names gnna be?? (soz 4 too much questions lol) :)
Wow, there just isn't one damn negative thing about sex is there!?
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