4. Resemble Our Prince Charming Concept

A good majority of women have a checklist when it comes to picking a guy. We are all searching for a package that consists of good looks, humor, stability, patience, trust and loyalty. We all long for our Prince Charming! However, searching for the perfect guy might be as easy as finding a flying pig. We all know that Prince Charming doesn’t exist but for some reason we still subconsciously search for him.

Take Care of Everything


I can honestly say without a doubt that I have the 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 traits and quality's the only unrealistic thing in this list is number 3 men understanding women, few men have ever achieved.
Some guys just don't have enough balls to stand up for us and the masculine part... Well they are very scarce in this small town lol
Інна Коритан
They (men) are from Mars & we are from Venus. So... Not much to say..
Інна Коритан
My bf is masculine yet sensitive! :)
My man remains silent n does not say anything . He says when he is in his mood. He remains quiet. What should I do? Plzzzz help
I'm so fortunate&blessed!!After 3 children&20 years of marriage,he still kisses me good-bye&says"I love you"before he leaves for work,even if he gets called out at 3a.m.,&kisses me&...
My man does/is all that...:) I'm so lucky and amazed every day!
Ya Tan
Ohhhhh plenty.
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