7 Ways to Be Happy Being Alone ...


There may be no truer saying than "one of the ways to be happy being alone is to learn how to be solo without being lonely." In this overcrowded world, it can truly seem like one is the loneliest number. But with a little adjustment of the old attitude, the new one will leave you wondering where have YOU been your whole life. Learning ways to be happy being alone is instant freedom. Instead of thinking of reasons why not to do something, you’ll be concentrating on why would you NOT be doing something!

1. Do Something Decadent

In this world of people people everywhere and not a date to nosh with, one of the best ways to be happy being alone is to do something where you don’t care whether or not someone else is along for the ride. The concert no-one else wanted to attend with you may have last minute rush tickets, half the price and twice the fun, because you know the person you brought is loving the performance. Taking time off (cough cough) work because your favorite store is having a super sale is the best way to treat your bestie (that would be You) to a day of decadence.

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