2. They Know the Importance of Time Alone

A good partner knows how important it is to spend some alone time every now and then to recharge your batteries. Everyone needs their space and a healthy relationship involves having interests outside that relationship. Spending too much time with your partner and not caring about your own interests, can lead to a feeling of suffocation and this may damage your relationship in the long term.

They Prioritize Communication


Relationship has ups and down. You truly deep down to know when to leave the bad. unless you like getting treated like shit, and that's alot of girls like now a days.. Relationship aren't fairy tales ...
I could learn a few things or 2 of here tbh thank u
Thank u :)
I agree that your partner should be your best friend all those things listed contribute to this. Also constant affection and not taking your partner for granted.
A good partner is also selfless and knows your likes and dislikes and occasionally surprise you with your favorite treat, the stick by your side during difficult times in your life, as you should do for him.
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