8. He Argues More

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Does he seem to start more arguments with you? Does he nitpick, start little fights, and try to get under your skin? This might be guilt as well. However, he might also be trying to push you away. He might feel thatโ€™s easier than actually talking things out.

He Makes Excuses


Pricilla George
@Sher,Hello sher I know it hurts like he'll you should give it some time. If no response then you simply have to move on.
Katie Cameron
#my boyfriend of two months, I know he is busy with university but yes okay we see each other every week, he is calling me needy when in fact it is him that is being needy, as I said to him that I cou...
Tiffany Lovin
My boyfriend of 14 minutes just left me because I got a DUI 6 hours before he told me he loved me 6 hours later he told me to leave. The few months prior we have lost all sexual interest will he did b...
Rojahna Goshop
all signs I've experienced
If a man loses interest in you then it's not meant to be, simple as that, a women has a right to relax in a relationship and still be loved for it, no one should have to work so hard to be loved, either it's there or it's not...
This article is common sense if anyone stops losing interest!!
I have this feeling that my boyfriend who I love, is losing interest in me, we talked on the phone tonight and he really didn't have much to say to me and was kurt. I told me friend 2 days ago I feel ...
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