8. He Argues More

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Does he seem to start more arguments with you?

Does he nitpick, start little fights, and try to get under your skin?

This might be guilt as well.

However, he might also be trying to push you away.

He might feel that’s easier than actually talking things out.

He Makes Excuses


Declan Holden
Kristen I will send my phone number love l.o.l
Brittany Moyer
@Joyce, I have been there. Only to find out that he had her picture hung up and she was who he wanted to come home to.
Krish Enriquez
Some see the signs yet they don't wanna accept it. Tsktsk. Signs that your beloved is NO longer into you: (via Twitter)
Mine never wants sex, he did for the first week or 2, now he never wants it. Otherwise he's very loving and affectionate. I don't think he has a high sex drive :(
You know, i wonder if the guy i love is really losing interest in me or is it cause he is going army, and doesnt want me to wait for him..... now he have started to ignore me .. :(
This is a great post that anyone can benefit from. From my male perspective, whenever I start losing interest in a lady, I tend to do most of these things. If I have little regard for her, then I may either stand her up or show up an hour or more late to meet up. Nonetheless, as long as there is a mutual connection and 'chemistry' and you're doing your part to keep your man happy, then you can prevent a lot of this stuff from happening :)
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