9. Polygamous Marriage

Sometimes it's hard to find just one person.

Polygamous marriages aren't nearly as taboo as they used to be.

Usually women in these marriages start out traditionally.

The couple then decides to marry another man or woman or both.

It's kind of a play on open marriage, except with a commitment.

As you can see, marriage isn't quite as black and white as we've been led to believe.

If tradition is right for you, do what makes you and your partner happy.

You have plenty of options to choose from.

Have you ever embraced any non-traditional marriage alternatives?


no marriage is marriage.
Karen Wiseman
I do believe in marrying in the eyes of God & keeping myself to one man, as well as not having an abortion unless my child would not live if I died or the child is so deformed that it will either not survive much past birth or will be so severely malformed that it has no foreseeable chance of having a happy life without chronic pain, I don't feel that I have the right to "preach" my life choices onto anyone else. I also believe that everyone has the right to be happy with who you choose to be with, man & woman, man & man, or woman & woman. I also believe that if others choose to have multiple partners, they have that right as well. Just because I choose to be with only one man at a time doesn't mean I don't agree with what others choose for themselves. I have been married two times & divorced after so brief of a time. my first marriage only lasted for almost two years & I was forced to seek a divorce because he was abusive & he cheated on me with a woman who he eventually married & then he cheated on her. my second marriage only lasted for 6 years before he ran away to live by himself as he was uncomfortable with being a husband & father. I filed for divorce 4 years later on the grounds of abandonment. He had signed away custody & access to both of our children just a few months after he left because he didn't want to be harassed anymore by his family so that they could see our children as they didn't want to talk to me because they thought that I wouldn't consent to them having a relationship with the children. Boy! were they ever wrong! I never came between my children & they're fathers family. I didn't feel then nor do I feel now that I had any right to deprive them of all of their families not on my side. Family is so very important, good or bad, in the formation of a child's character & emotional/physical well being. When I met the man that I am now with, I chose to not marry him &, while he did want to get married & not live "in sin", he still chose to move me & my children, damaged as we were at the time, into his life. He was halfhearted looking for somewhere to buy for himself & his dog but chose to include us into the search & went looking for he & I could both like that we could all live together. Six months later we moved into our "new" home & we are happy, as much as most people can be, I guess. We have now been together for 13 years & we are happy, or at least as happy as most people can be. This "marriage" has lasted longer than either of my first two marriages combined &, even though at times I wish that we had gotten married, I definitely am far more happier than I ever dreamed that I could be. I don't think that if someone told me 13 years ago that I would be where I am today, I would have believed it at all. Sometimes you have to set aside your preconceived ideas & settle for what you can have instead of what you think you should do. Sometimes marriage is all about living with the one you choose or, in this case, what God has chosen for you, instead of getting a piece of paper that says you have to be together. I know that God set us together because I had stopped looking for a man to join together with to be my friend, partner, helpmate, & father figure for my children & circumstances beyond my control sent me to this man for mine & my children's protection. Who am I to say that this family was not supposed to be.
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