9. Polygamous Marriage

Sometimes it's hard to find just one person. Polygamous marriages aren't nearly as taboo as they used to be. Usually women in these marriages start out traditionally. The couple then decides to marry another man or woman or both. It's kind of a play on open marriage, except with a commitment.

As you can see, marriage isn't quite as black and white as we've been led to believe. If tradition is right for you, do what makes you and your partner happy. You have plenty of options to choose from. Have you ever embraced any non-traditional marriage alternatives?


this is disgusting
This is disturbing!! Maybe all if these things work but certainly don't deserve the title "marriage."
God help this world I dislike this article
no marriage is marriage.
Karen Wiseman
I do believe in marrying in the eyes of God & keeping myself to one man, as well as not having an abortion unless my child would not live if I died or the child is so deformed that it will either not ...
I completely agree with Monique and sheldave. Marriage comes from God.
furthermore, polygamy in the United States is primarily restricted to the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints. These marriages are arranged. Often between teenage girls and men old enough to be at least their fathers. It is a terrible situation for the women involved.
@drjgelb... the fact is that we do live in the 21st century. Our life expectancy is twice what it was 200 years ago. Love, respect, laughter and happiness have been prioritized over merely procreating...
Isabella Coles
interesting read this was.. we are all human and marriage means something to everyone, it's just different in everyone's opinion. if people can't accept gay marriage, you need to open your mind a bit....
So much conservative angst at the mere mention of alternatives.....marriage as we know it today is only about 200yrs old in the West! Prior to that, arranged marriages were the rule, with exceptions o...
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