2. Making Comparisons

Whether it's to your ex-boyfriend or to the hunky man in the new Nicholas Sparks movie, stop comparing your man to others. You should be able to accept the way he is, flaws and all. What makes him different from every other man should be what makes you love him! I know, I know, sometimes we all make comparisons without even knowing that we're doing it but that just means you really have to put effort into focusing only on the good!

Losing Your Self-identity


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I'm guilty of #1! :(
Criticizing him when I'm stressed is a bad habit of mine. When I'm stressed out, overt thing seems like a big deal. Trying to control the other person is never a long-term or healthy solution.
I second your thoughts. The most scariest one is lost of identity. If the relationship didn't work out, you will hit rock bottom. Then the issues of lost of confidence, self esteem and self worth.
Love this !
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