3. Being Honest Goes a Long Way

Being completely and totally upfront with this particular sign is so, so important. They don't like fraud and they certainly don't want someone that isn't going to be honest with them. If you've been hiding something from your Scorpio-crush, why not give it up and see how they react?

Be Firm


Hard to get dont do that Scorpios like knowing about you
@Diana true dont mess with a scorpio
@Sally Abdul-Aziz haha yes Scorpios are attractive
@Sadia your really pretty well aren't all Scorpios beautiful creatures
My boss is a scorpio and I like him so much :(
As a scorpio i totally agree with this 😄
Becky Chuwen
I'm a Scorpio and this is me all over
I'm a scorpio and honesty plus sincerity is crucial. If he's into me then he needs to show interest by wanting to get to know me, not coming off as a creep. But playing games will get you out my life in a heartbeat
Annelies De Rycke
I'm a scorpio and it's so true !
Shelby Lynn
Scare me at how true this is why don't you
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