14. Balcony or Deck

Balcony or Deck

A balcony or deck are both good places to get busy when the mood strikes you. Like the roof, they're outdoors yet still somewhat private. You get the best of both worlds and you can quickly run to the kitchen or bedroom if you want to add some props into the mix!

Parking Lot


@Ella Relationships aren't all about sex, but can you blame someone for wanting to have sex in a ton of different risky places? Just because they're having loads of sex, doesn't mean that's the staple of the relationship.
Sean Mccarthy
Ok let's see... Car, pool, hotel room, tent, closet, parking lot, under a bridge, out in the middle of the woods. I think next we were gonna try park hahaha
DONE IT!! 😜🚻
Katy Kew
Cab of a jacked up truck XD LOVEDDDD IT
Hotel room whoop whoop
Closet would be fun. How about the bed of a pickup truck?? Also- love the tent idea!
experienced it
Jennifer Salva Vega
Done it! 😘
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