14. Balcony or Deck

Balcony or Deck

A balcony or deck are both good places to get busy when the mood strikes you.

Like the roof, they're outdoors yet still somewhat private.

You get the best of both worlds and you can quickly run to the kitchen or bedroom if you want to add some props into the mix!2

Parking Lot


@Lauren road h**d??
In public. A park/the woods/in a tent/inside an igloo/in a fitting room/in the subway/on a rooftop/on the stairs/on an upper balcony
Isabella Coles
Haha in the backyard: tick In the bathroom: tick In the car (the car was pulled over, of course!): tick I like this article!!
Alletta Ferreira
The physio room at the gym. With the physio, mind you!
Terrible ideas. Going to jail or being injured isnt worth it. Also - Disney has cameras everywhete.
Patricia Marie Gloria
@Londra Bwahahah
Also cafe
Kitchen chair or office chair
Just think if you were stuck in traffic and turned to the car next to you and saw two people "doing it"
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