15. Parking Lot

Parking Lot

If having sex while parked in a remote place sounds a little spooky, pick a parking lot to have some spontaneous sex.

This way, you can still get your heart pounding without the risk of getting hurt.2

You decide if you want it to be a deserted or packed parking lot.

Dressing Room


Jasmine Galloway
Disneyland...? Um ok lol
Denise Cristobal
@Lucia Welcome to the Mile High Club? Hahaha!
Airplane haha
In a tent while camping; You still get that adrenaline rush AND it's in a "public" place, just make sure to keep the sounds limited or put on a little music to help drown out the rustling noise 😉
I agree that having where kids are is off!! Yuk!
Danielle Elliott
@Theresa....a dance floor? Ewww!
theatre , cemetery , on beach , he'll everywhere . the suggestions in this article are not only typically ordinary but from the lack of insight u can tell the writer has a very boring unkinky sex life . airplane , etc omg while skydiving
Why would you have sex and a child theme park? That's just wrong... And they have cameras everywhere, just not on the rides
Movie house lol..
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