5. Stick a Message on the Fridge

If he knows that you’re a major foodie and love whipping up tasty treats, tell him that your refrigerator suddenly stopped working. Before he arrives to take a look at your “broken” fridge, place word magnets at the top of the door. Obviously, the words should form a question along the lines of “want to go on a date?” but you can personalize the message as much as you want. A word of advice: make sure you have enough magnets and that the message isn’t too long! You won’t want to confuse him or overdo it. You’ll have all the kitchen help you need in no time!

Play Monopoly


I have a crush but he's still immature in the topic of girls... And thinks girls are gross... :( I guess I'll have to wait... The worst part is we barely talk at all and we only talked through Faceboo...
Heather Jensen
Aww! So true!
Alisha Coughran
Something tells me that watching the stars with your crush is one of the definite most romantic ways to ask him out.
You could have just told him, "you". Then you wouldn't be asking for advice from the internets. You'd probably be on a date with him or holding hands or something... Too many mind games mess up relati...
Put yourself in his girlfriend's shoes. You are abroad with total trust of your boyfriend and some girl is trying to steal him away. How does that make you feel? Back in your shoes. He dumps her while...
@Brianna, Take a pen and grab his arm. Write your number on his arm (or hand). Put the little cutesy hearts and stuff on it so he knows why you are writing your number on him.
Heather Jensen
Aww! So true! That's such a great idea for a proposal!
I LOVED the map idea! I think it would be really cute for a guy to do something like that to propose! At the first place it would say "will", at the second place it would say "you", and at the third ...
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