4. It Was All Her Fault!

Someone who spends their time bitching about their exes is rather helpfully indicating that they're not good dating material.

Take it as a warning: if you continue to see this guy, he'll do the same to you one day.

It also suggests that he doesn't have much respect for women.

Someone who blames their ex for everything will not take responsibility for making a relationship successful.2

And women can be just as bad.

Leaves You with the Bill


oh oh oh wait!! I meant number ONE in my last comment. My mistake!!
oouh! Number IS really bad.
This one guy thought because he paid for a slice of pizza I was gonna go to his house "to eat" or give him a kiss after taking me home. Never heard from him again.
I've had a few in which all 7 were wrapped into 1.... wtf!? -_-
Never date a guy who asks you on a date, meets you, but brought along a group of male friends to "see if you're good material for him."
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