4. He Pays Attention

Does he know your favorite hangout spots or how much you adore baby elephants? Chances are, he’s keeping his ears open because he’s interested in you as more than a friend. By learning the details, he’s trying to forge a connection, paving the way to date night!

He Gives You Special Treatment


Heather Jensen
Hey Emily! I'd say that you need to up the flirting a little and see how he responds. It sounds like he is honestly just a little shy and doesn't know how to handle his feelings toward you. Just ta...
Heather Jensen
Hey Teen! I honestly think that he does like you, but I think that he is shy when it comes to admitting it. I know he doesn't act shy, but does he mention any girls that he likes to you? I'd try to ...
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so glad that you like the blog! :) I'd say that you need to up the flirting a little bit on the bus! Why not sit down and talk to him? I'm really sure that he likes you, he's just shy!
Well there is this guy and his family and mine are really close and i am starting to like him but i dont know if he likes me back. I have heard from his little sister and mine that he does but i dont ...
Samantha Ramirez
Plzzzz help me
Samantha Ramirez
Heather i love your blog and all. So theres this guy i like and hes on my bus we usually didnt talk but now we do but not as much as i want to and in some of my classes i see him staring at me so i lo...
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