8. Stay in Bed


Sometimes the best place to spend the day together...is in bed.

So stock up on snacks and movies, turn off your cell phones and laptops, change into something comfortable, and spend the whole day together without leaving your bed!

Disconnecting from the world for a day can be just what you both need to relax and simply enjoy each other's company.

Watch a full season of a TV series you have both been wanting to watch or some movies you haven't had the time to see.

Make sure to talk and play around with each other as well!

Board Game


Amanda williams
@R. Pick up a book called "The rules" It will help
@R. It's hard to say what goes on in a mans head but in my experience half of the time they have as many concerns and worries as us women. Ask him out right what's up and if you have done anything wrong... If you still get nothing from him then there will be nothing more you can do. If he is worth the fight then stick around but if not you don't want to look another year down line and be more hurt and nothing come of it Back to the post... Half of the things posted then my partner would never do lol the Xbox defo! How about just bed, food, fun and DVD but boring everyday
Amanda williams
@R. If he doesnt acknowledge you than he doesnt like you. Dont spend another minute wasting your energy on him.
Quinn Vo
I love this!
It may hurt but you need to move on...everyone deserves someone that gives them their time and their attention. I hope you find happiness
Hi I know this dosent really have to do with this subject but I really need help. I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday
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