6. Australian

How could you resist Hugh Jackman? Not only does he have killer looks, but he has an amazing Australian accent. If you've never heard him use it in a film before, check out one of his interviews so that you can delight your ears with his delicious words. If you thought he was desirable before, you're not going to be able to stand how attractive he is with an accent.

Southern American


Ashley Buckley
And asian accent
Italian accents are beautiful
i like American accents prob bc i dont live there :)
Mostly white accents. Best accent a man can have is a trini accent
The accent from Louisiana...yeaaaaah
The Australian accent is probably the worst thing I've ever heard! It's definitely not attractive!
Sydney Stangeland
I really like African accents...
Britain is England, Scotland and Wales~
British accent is my favorite. I die a little every time a British man comes into my job lol. Just too freaking sexy!!!
Again white culture is being romanticized and other cultures are being ignored
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