3. Buy Yourself Treats

Flowers and chocolates aren't reserved for women in relationships. You can buy yourself a beautiful vase of flowers to decorate your house with. You can buy buckets of chocolate to eat when you're bored. Don't be afraid to treat yourself.

Leave Yourself Love Notes


The Queen of Bitches
@zara can't lie my mom says I fell deeply in love with myself when I refused to sleep alone as a baby (I felt lonely and I had to take care of myself) then she was sure I loved myself when I used to u...
So inspirational
Hmm okay :)
So have I Zara, who needs guys
I have been dating myself since i was born.. Hahaha
Cuz once my friend was waiting for me out side the shop and i was paying then the counter asked why are you shopping by ur self and it was so weird
I heard many ppl saying go shop by your self... I always wanted to go shop alone!!!!BUT i feel shy shopping by my self
The Queen of Bitches
And sometimes when he finds love notes he thinks it is for him but actually I wrote them to myself πŸ˜‚
The Queen of Bitches
I have been dating myself since I was born I am a two timing bitch. My boyfriend is tired of me not giving him enough time so some days he just locks my phone in his drawer or locks me in a room with him
Once I went to a restaurant alone. The waitress said "table for two?" And I said "no, just one." She seemed confused and said "really?"
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