12. Gossiping


If he hears you talk badly about another girl, you’re going to look bad.

Even if what you’re saying is true, it can make you come across poorly.

You don’t want him to mistake you for a bad person.

You want him to see you for the lovely, amazing girl that you are.

Being Late


Agreed that guys who send mixed signals are annoying. The guy I currently like, He's the type of guy who wants to be friends first and that's perfectly fine, a good thing actually and we're really close friends. We started off as a couple and have since switched to being just friends. The mixed signals comes into action though, because he says "I'm not ready for a new relationship" and that sort of thing, but I can see by the way he acts, and the way he treats me. We aren't even officially a couple and he's already loyal to me. Like for example last weekend he went to a 3 day music festival in the states. He had plenty of opportunities to both kiss other girls or even go further than that and he didn't once because he was thinking of me the entire time. The fact that the opportunity came up, and he didn't take the opportunity because he was thinking of how I would react (because we tell each other quite literally everything) says a lot more about his maturity and readiness for a new relationship than what he a actually says. I've offered to pay many times, but because we usually go out on his motorcycle, he actually tells me to leave my purse at home, thus preventing me from being able to pay at all, lol.
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