9. Affection 💑

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You don't have to kiss her every five minutes, but you should show some sort of affection when you're with her.

Hold her hand while you're sitting on the couch.

Give her a peck when she walks past you.2

Do whatever you can to show her how much you care.

Open the Door for Her 👑


Hugs from behind!!
3 and 7 are so true
dicks we love our dicks females love 7 inch - 8 inch dicks or at least i do
Iyah Divina
Wow! This article is great! I love number four and eight! Agree!
Michelle Miller
Okay, i ha e to say i hate posts like these. Men and clueless lesbians come to these pages to actually arouse a girl and get it on. They expect by doing these things theyre gonna get some! But the truth is, youre not. Shes just gonna think youre sweet. This is how you should treat your woman regardless. But in my opinion, a "turn-on" is something you do, or say that just makes her think to herself, "Oh goddammit. Why isnt she/he fucking me right now?!" So, actually, stuff like this is bull. And it is also pretty degrading and goes along with society's view that "women can't be sexual without being super sensual." Which really pisses me off. I don't want my girlfriend to listen to my pet peeves in an attempt to turn me on. I want her to surprise me by walking through thw door wearing lingerie. I want her to climb on top of me and nibble on my ear and make my earlobe wet so she can breathe heavily on my ear and give me the chills. I want her to give me hickeys all over my neck, and chest. And i want her to tease me by biting and sucking my hip bones while im begging for her to just eat me out already! Thats what turns me on. Not this soft gooey bullcrap. And every girl will silently agree. Some will have the courage to stand up with me, and admit, yeah. This post is sexist. And some will be too shy but will think it in their heads. Others will deny it until the day they die, whether they are ashamed that its the truth, or just think im being rude. But the truth is, yes. I ADORE everything in this post. But, none of it gets me "turned on". Or at least, my view of "turned on", amd the actual meaning of "turned on" that made me click this page in the first page. Anyway, im done my rant. I think ill go over to my girlfriends and have her play with my hair so i can calm down and go to sleep and get this sexist and stereotypical world out of my head. And people wonder why im a butch lesbian and a feminist. (Actually, people just wonder regardless, which is sad.)
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