9. Affection πŸ’‘

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You don't have to kiss her every five minutes, but you should show some sort of affection when you're with her. Hold her hand while you're sitting on the couch. Give her a peck when she walks past you. Do whatever you can to show her how much you care.

Open the Door for Her πŸ‘‘


This sums it all up. πŸ‘ 😊 Very good article.
Marlee Wellman
If I see a pair of good ass hands I'm gone. Wide palms, long fingers. BONY KNUCKLES I AM ON THE FLOOR
I agree with Michelle...
Are they in Hanging Lake in Colorado in number 15?
Hugs from behind!!
3 and 7 are so true
dicks we love our dicks females love 7 inch - 8 inch dicks or at least i do
Iyah Divina
Wow! This article is great! I love number four and eight! Agree!
Michelle Miller
Okay, i ha e to say i hate posts like these. Men and clueless lesbians come to these pages to actually arouse a girl and get it on. They expect by doing these things theyre gonna get some! But the tru...
Never underestimate a kiss on her neck.
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