3. Be in Charge

This one seems to go both ways. Men need to be in charge because they wear the trousers, or women need to be in charge because they have vaginas. Both ways are rubbish. Nobody should be in charge. You’re in it together. It’s not about control, it’s about love. If you’re fighting over control or trying to use your genitals to “win,” you have some serious thinking to do.

Play Hard to Get


I agree with all of these! Or the 'let him call you don't call him' advice lol. Dating games are so childish. Good article :)
Melba Martinez
Treat men how you would like to be treated. Looking in to someone's personal stuff is so irrespecutful. Monogamy being outdated, people might be more liberal, but that doesn't mean that you cannot find loyalty.
Melba Martinez
Omg, excuse me, what unintelligent advice.
Really good article :)
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