5. They Seem like a Prize

A bad boy can seem like a prize. After all, no one can get them in a committed relationship but you, right? This can make a girl feel like she is really special. But this prize does not always feel like a prize after a while. It can actually bring you a lot of heartache.

They Are Charming


Hey I need help with a bad boy!
But sometimes you have to go through that experience. Even if it causes heartbreak..
this post is so true! thanks
Irene Kim
I've tamed my bad boy. Lol. Its true. He's my man and no matter what he says he always comes to #1 me! A girl has to be fierce stern, get him to understand where you stand be the alpha female. Girls you've got this.
Absolutely true.Thanks for posting this!
Bad boys ain't no good and the good boys ain't no fun
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