10. You've Found Your Best Friend

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Everyone says marry your best friend, and that's a million percent true!

By marrying your best friend you always have a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader in your corner, and someone to have fun with.

As long as the person your marrying is more than just your lover, you'll be in good shape to tie the knot and have that forever kind of love.

Marriage is a huge step that all girls dream about, how did you know you were ready for marriage?

Do you think you'll ever be ready?


How long I should wait to get answer after I proposed to a girl ?
Just by reading this I feel like I'll never get to feel this way about someone. I sometimes feel it's hopeless
peony blue
It just feels right!!!
Absolutely me 2 !
'"Looking forward too pppooool=+++¥¥++•3$ u 096)66
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