4. No Thoughts of the Future

While you might look for a guy based on how mature he is, most guys take the opposite approach.

They aren't thinking about the future.

All they see is here and now.

You might be great as a wife and mother, but a bad girl comes off as someone into having fun.

Guys are often drawn to women who don't seem like the future matters to them.

It takes the pressure off and just lets them have fun.

It's a Challenge


Good girls can be bad and bad girls can be good. πŸ˜‡πŸ‘Ώ
Little immature boys like "bad" irresponsible girls.
Bad girl in mind not in look....... I mean bad girl sometimes masked by good one
I was always the bad girl in a good girls body... You gotta be a dark horse πŸ˜‰
lol, @melody, I read that quote today
@AngelaRose, good question :) :D if a girl do-it-like-that, she's so freakin' awesome
Good girls are only bad girls who don't get caught.
Ya Tan
what is honestly bad and good, it should all be neutral - in short every girl should have a good heart , a rebellious streak a little adventure little unpredictability but nothing that would hurt others just all in good fun with good intentions that's what's perfect , this article makes it seem like "bad girls" are the free spirits the slut kind of it all needs to be balanced a good and not so good side :) I'm proud to say I'm both as should everyone else be
Imao not all bad girl are bad girl indeed they just love them selves more than the lover.They are strong independent woman ..who can dump guys if they are not goes on there way .Indeed they are lovable and love adventure .
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