4. Work Every Issue out Immediately

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I used to stress myself out over this every time my husband and I had a disagreement. I felt like it was the end of the world if we didn’t solve it immediately. But now, with more experience on my side, I realize that sometimes the best thing to do is give each other time and space. It allows you both to think things over and then you’ll be more ready to work things out. You’ll also be much calmer than if you push to work things out in the middle of an argument.

Your Partner Should Completely β€œGet You”


So- I've been with my bf for more than 7 years. I never made our relationship a priority, it was always school and career first. Now I am not his priority and I want to now make our relationship a priority because our relationship is crumbling.
No.6 is horribly 100% wrong , nice article!
Sammi Anderson
Giving him something but that it!!! And help??
Sammi Anderson
I NEED HELP!!!! Ok so I'm a high school ice hockey coaches daughter. You like you know coaches daughter off limits for players to date. But I like one of the players and we've never talked except for thanks and your welcomeπŸ™„We touch hands when I was -
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