5. Do You Want to Talk to Him?

Do You Want to Talk to Him?

If you do, then just text him already!

It's that simple.

Are you currently texting a certain someone?


@claire @minka guys that do that (both examples) are NOT worth your time! Seriously! I've learned it multiple times, if he takes a while to respond, he is NOT interested! Even if he seems like he is, he only wants attention- I guarantee it. If a guy wants to talk, believe me, he will make the first move! Think about it!
There was this older guy who added me on facebook (i followed him on instagram like 2 years ago) i have seen him live and he is SO DAMN FINE. So i wrote to him on fb and he didnt even reply until 22 hours later and he WAS ACTIVE. After that i took it as he didnt want to talk, what do u think?
So what happens when he is always the one to initiate it but then when I reply he always takes at least a week to reply back? Each message he sends is thoughtful and nice but why does he act like he never actually wanted to speak even though he started it?
@emma @kaya girls! I promise you, even if a guy is 'too shy' to talk to a girl, if he really likes her, he WILL make a point to contact her! If you guys are having that problem with your crushes, then don't talk to them anymore! They are NOT worth your time, I promise you!
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